Making a New Change

joyetechThere has been a lot of talk about the e-cigarette and how it has helped a lot of people switch over from tobacco. If you are interested in getting one then you need look no further. We have a whole host of different devices that are on offer for our customers. Whether you are looking for a rechargeable or disposable electronic cigarette, we have something here for you. It is also possible to buy electronic cigarette refills from us. All you need to do is have a look at our catalogues and find out what will suit you.

Choosing a Cigarette

When you go onto our website you will be presented with a lot of choice. There will be a large amount of cigarette models on offer. If you decide to pick one of these then you will need to look at the different features. When picking a battery, you need to see how long it is going to last. Larger batteries will last longer, naturally, but they will also be more expensive. If you are a heavy smoker then this is going to be a worthwhile investment. If you are just interested in smoking now and then, you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is look for the cheaper varieties, I use nothing but Joyetech e cigarette kits.

Some of our smaller, cheaper varieties are designed to appear as an ordinary cigarette would. This means that you will get the same sensation of smoking, but without actually smoking any tobacco.

Your Flavour

There are lots of flavours on offer for you as well here. A lot of them will come in fruit flavours but you can also get different types of food depending on where you look. There are different companies that offer these flavours so make sure to find one that you like. When you order from us, you will know that you are ordering from one of the best and most trusted e-cig companies in the United Kingdom. For those who are just starting out, do not be afraid to read more and see what is on offer.


Naturally you are going to have questions if you have never used one of these before. All you need to do is send us an e-mail or give us a call if you want to know more about anything that we happen to have. Our aim is to ensure that you find a new way of smoking and with the range of e-cigs on offer you will be bound to find this.

Many people enjoy the fact that e-cigs are allowing them to save money. Different liquids will be different prices. It is often best to order them in bulk. This will allow you to have a big store available so you do not have to keep ordering and waiting. By planning ahead, you will be able to save a considerable amount on your smoking. Again, always make sure to call us quickly if you are curious about anything else we have on offer.

All You Need To Know About E Cigs

vaping-womenMany people nowadays are becoming aware of the dangers of smoking – lung disease, rotting teeth, etc. If you are one of the many who are now considering a healthier option to smoking or eventually quitting completely then it is advised that you consider the e cig. However, before making the jump you need information on an e cig to determine whether it is the best option for your needs.

What is an e cig?

There are three primary aspects to an e cig – the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge. The battery is used as a charger for the e cig and is what the electronic cigarette operates on. The most common battery type that you can get with these devices is a lithium-ion battery.

The atomizer is considered to be the main part of the device. This component is the heating coil that causes the vapor that you inhale with this device. It is charged by the battery and the amount of heat produced will vary dependent on the brand of the e cig. The higher the quality of the atomiszer the better the vapor levels are going to be with the device.

The cartridge is the part of the device that holds the liquid which the atomizer vaporizes. The amount of liquid in the cartridge will vary depending on the brand of the cartridge and the device. There is a plethora of various flavored cartridges available which offer a range of nicotine strengths as well.

How does an e cig work?

When you examine the basics components of the top e cigarette you should consider how the device actually operates. There may be some slight differences with the different brands, but the overall mechanism is the same.

When you utilize the e cig the battery will need to be charged. Once the battery is charged you can connect it to the rest of the device. When using the device you may have to push a button on the cigarette to release a charge to the atomizer; however, there are certain devices that do not require this step.

Once a charge has been sent to the atomizer the coiling element will heat up and vaporize the liquid found in the cartridge. This vapor will then travel out of the mouth piece and can be inhaled. This vapor is tar free which is healthier for both your body and the environment. The overall use of an e cig is very similar to that of the traditional cigarette, but without the need for a lighter.

The benefits of an e cig

There are numerous benefits that can be gained from an electronic cigarette. The primary advantage is the healthy alternative that it offers to normal tobacco products. The lack of tar in the vapor being inhaled means that your body is not suffering from the same complications. There are also numerous other chemicals which are used in traditional cigarettes that are not used in electronic cigarettes.

Final words on the matter

Quitting smoking is a difficult feat, but with the e cig it has become less daunting.